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What Is A Culture Analyst?

Finder of all things cool, Mulu Habtemariam uses his cultural insights and life experiences to create new and authentic content for niche audiences at Wieden+Kennedy. With a background in communications and interests in UX, music management and videography, Mulu didn't have the hard skills needed to be an analyst. We sat with him to discuss how his entrepreneurial spirit and drive to consistently learn, allowed him to land his new-age gig as a Culture Analyst.

hair nah.gif

The Rose the Grew From Concrete: Growing the culture of NBG This episode features my friend Mulu Habtemariam, a Portland creative whose label NBG (Neu Beginin Global) has created a movement and growing culture for PDX. 


Aziz Ansari 'Parks' it at Irvine
By The Daily Pennsylvanian

Comedian Aziz Ansari speaks at Irvine Auditorium at SPEC-TRUM’s Spring Event. 

“The fact that Aziz has been through college makes him really relatable,” said SPEC-TRUM Co-Director and College senior Mulu Habtemariam. “And a lot of his comedy actually sheds light on things that he experienced throughout his life, from his upbringing in the South to college at NYU.”

“I’m halfway paying attention. I turn to my friend Mulu [Habtemariam] to say something to him, but I feel something on my hair. I look down and the cashier had reached across the conveyer belt and was rubbing my hair. Her face was so gross with satisfaction. I legit could have thrown up.”

At the time, Pixel [creator] had already been working on Hair Nah, so Habtemariam — who helped work on the game — yelled out “hair nah” in response.


Upcoming SPEC concerts will showcase rising artists
By The Daily Pennsylvanian

The Jazz and Grooves concert will feature Star Slinger, while SPEC-TRUM's concert will present Theophilus London, Kendrick Lamar and Meek Mill.

“A lot of mainstream artists don’t necessarily have a lot of creative control … you get a different perspective [from concerts like these],” College senior and SPEC-TRUM director Mulu Habtemariam said.